ponderous borer beetle colorado

The Ponderous Borer is a member of the longhorn beetle family, Cerambycidae. Blackhorned Pine Borer. No, I am not criticizing its social skills, although it didn't have much to say as I took its picture. Use 10 beetles per 20 plants as the guideline for treatment when the plants are less than 8 inches. Pine Sawyer Beetles Pine Sawyer Beetle – Photo by: Cody Hough Scientific Classification Kingdom:Animalia Phylum:Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Family: Cerambycidae Genus: Ergates Species: Spiculatus Other Names: Spiny Wood Borer Beetle, Ponderous Pine Borer…Beetle, Spine-Necked Alternative names include the Wood Borer Beetle (Spiny type) Borer Beetle (Ponderous … Provides long lasting control of problem insects, such as, Colorado potato beetle, Cutworms, Leafminers, Borers, Mites, Crickets. 8/93. Elm Leaf Beetle (larvae) Pyrralta luteola All variety of elm species X X X Elm Spanworm Ennomos subsignarius Elms X X Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis Ash (Fraxinus) species, including green, white, black and blue ash X X X Eucalyptus Longhorned Beetle Phoracantha recurva Eucalyptus X X TREE INSECTS AND TREATMENT One teaspoon makes up to I V. gallons. I

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